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神戸新聞よりインド経済入門書刊行 Kobe Newspaper Published Indian Economy Introductory Book

成長の母国 ビジネスの秘策は…インド経済入門書刊行 The inside secret of India …. Book on ABC’S of the Indian economy published.

Mr. Kiran Sethi, managing director of a trading company based in Kobe, published a business book “The Truth about India, an Amazing Superpower”. He writes about the numerous developments of India in a manner that is simple for most Japanese business people to understand. He simply introduces the Indian economic situations, its rich culture and general trends in India from the perspective of Indian businesspersons living in Japan. This book written in Japanese and provides basic knowledge of India and is quite easy to read.Kiran Sethi was born and raised in Kobe. He currently manages the company which his father founded in 1959. He became the second non-Japanese, first American President of Kobe Junior Chamber, Inc in 2003. He seldom travels to India, but maintains a strong identity as an Indian.He was encouraged to publish a book about India, which has gained great attention in Japan and around the world, recently by the publisher and his editing partner. Target readers are basically business people from ages twenties to fifties. He introduces various Indian facts such as ideas on how “Indians have a high intellectual property right consciousness.” “Their technological advancement in the healthcare industry had been highlighted in addition to the highly-reputed advancement and growth of the IT industry.” “India is a contract oriented society like Europe and US.” and so on. He highlights India’s weakness as future opportunities of growth, especially in the area of basic infrastructure, “Therefore, it still has serious potential to grow further’, says Kiran Sethi. He cites example of difficulties people have encountered in doing business with India and says that “People need patience, plan and prepare in advance and have a big heart to overcome setbacks to succeed in India.” He also indicates that we need to acknowledge the basic facts about the Indian caste system. Recently, one can notably see how ethnic Indians are becoming leading executives of key multinational companies. Kiran Sethi says “I outlined in this book basic essential knowledge on how to do business in India. I do hope Japanese people can relate to Indian people with more familiarity and enhance their understanding toward them.”

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