【October 1, 2006】ACCJ関西主催「チャリティー・ウォーク」開催 ACCJ Kansai "Walk-a-thon"

ACCJ Kansai "Walk-a-thon"

 The ACCJ Kansai Chapter would like to thank the many, many businesses, organizations and individuals whose sponsorship and participation made the first-ever ACCJ Kansai Chapter Walk-A-Thon a resounding success. There is already a buzz about holding the event again next year!The light rain and cloudy skies didn't damper anyone's spirits or enthusiasm for the first-ever ACCJ Kansai Chapter Walk-A-Thon as volunteers showed up long before 8:00 a.m. in preparation for the 10:00 a.m. start time. With the opening ceremony commencing at 11:00 a.m., the stage was star-studded with appearances by Osaka's Mayor Seki, American Consul General Daniel Russel, and representatives from Kyoto City, Kobe City, and Hyogo Prefecture.After a Japanese-style kagami-biraki and "kampai" by ACCJ Governor and P&G Japan President, Ravi Chaturvedi, an American-style balloon sendoff signaled the start of the 4.0 km Walk-A-Thon that circled the boardwalk area of HAT Kobe, which is home to newly built condominiums, the Hyogo Prefecture Art Museum, and the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Museum. In total, over 50 businesses, 12 governmental and NGO agencies, 3 international schools and approximately 800 individual participants came together for an early Fall day on Kobe's beautifully rebuilt shoreline.     












                 協賛スポンサー                                                                        司会 Ms.Kaori Doi















                 ACCJ関西役員                                             ダニエル・ラッセル氏(大阪・神戸米国総領事)













                 関大阪市長                                                                マイケル・ボブロブ氏(ACCJ 副会頭                                                                                                   関西支部担当/日本メドラッド 
















キラン・S・セティ(ACCJ関西支部                                                                        鏡開き

CSC委員会 委員長/弊社専務取締役)














P&Gジャパン株式会社社長)                                                                   乾杯                                                                                                                                                                                   













         Walk-a-thon スタート地点  

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